Monday, May 23, 2016


I am.
I am here.
Brothers, sisters, lovers, hear me, for I am here, born of the year of the dragon of the month of the lion, Leo, the day of the atomic bomb in Japan.  You can hear me roaring, louder than they.
Roaring who said it was okay to bury a child in the sand?
She was a girl, like me.
They thought to silence her with dirt and soiled tradition,
But they are the people who walk like zombies in the absence of the light,
Since I,
And she,
Come back to haunt them in the dark sweat
Dark regret
Of the night.

Fresh meat,
Listen to me speak.
I will not listen
To the frail glass-edged voices of the women on T.V.
Whose only lines are to ask when are you coming to bed, I bet
You wish true women
Were as correct.

There are some who will say all men are monsters
While some will say all women are meek.
But I say whether the coffins in our backyards
Are pink or blue,
Murder is murder and silence
Is suffocation, and further
On--is death.
But death, you say,

Is more than okay.